Kongre Sunuları - Mezotelyoma

Plevra hastalıklarında invaziv tanı algoritması nasıl olmalıdır ?

Hyaluronan, osteopontin, C-ERC/mesothelin, N-ERC/mesothelin ve syndecan 1 serum seviylerinin analizi ile malign mezotelyoma tespiti

Malign mezotelyomalı hastaların tanı ve prognozunda serum mesothelin ve midkineseviyelerinin ilişkisi

The effectiveness and safety of platinum based pemetrexed and platinum based gemcitabine treatment in the patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma

Ak G, Metintas S, Akarsu M,  Metintas M

Chemotherapy schemas evaluated in terms of efficiency and safety are limited in malignant pleural mesothelioma treatment. In our study we aimed to evaluate efficiency and safety of cis/carbo+pemetrexed, which is known as effective in mesothelioma and cis/carbo+gemcitabine, which is used in the past for mesothelioma but doesn’t have proved information about its efficiency, in comparable historical groups of malignant pleural mesothelioma.

One hundred and sixteen patients received cis/carbo+pemetrexed (group 1) and 30 patients received cis/carbo+gemcitabine (group 2) between June 1999 and June 2012 composed study groups. The mean age of group 1 and 2 were 60.7 and 60.8 years. Female ratio of group 1 and 2 were 50% and 53%. Most of patients (98%) exposed to asbestos in part of their life. 78.1% of the patients have epithelial type tumor and 47% of patients have stage IV disease. There was no difference between two groups in terms of age, sex, asbestos exposure, histological cell type, stage and Karnofsky performance status. The median survival time and 95% confidence interval were 12±0.95 months (95% CI: 10.15 – 13.85) for group 1 and 11.0±1.09 months (95% CI: 8.85 – 13.15) for group 2. The median survival of two groups was not different (Log-Rank: 0.142; p=0.706). Stage and Karnofsky performance status were found as significant variables on median survival time by univariate analysis (p=0.002 and p=0.045 respectively). After adjusting for stage and Karnofsky performance status, chemotherapy schema was not impressive on median survival (OR: 0.837; 95% CI: 0.548 – 1.277; p=0.409). The treatment was generally well tolerated and side effects were similar in both groups.

This study confirmed that the activity of platinum based gemcitabine is as effective as platinum based pemetrexed and safe schema in malignant pleural mesothelioma.